High Caul Cap

Step Type: 
Traditional Group

Lead Around

Sevens: Top couples 7's to the right (behind), while Side couples 7's to the left. Continue until back in starting position.

Double quarter chain: Gents take to partner with right hand; Lady on left with left hand; back to partner with right hand for full turn; continue onto lady on right with left hand; back to partner with right hand

Ladies interlace - cross in front of partners around side gent, back around partner, into center with Right hands to one before their partner - Left hands, back to partner with Right hands

Gents interlace - repeat of ladies -- Right hands into center

Stamp and Clap - Right foot twice, 3 claps; switch with sevens. Repeat

1st Figure: Starting with Leading Tops - take right hands and 7's towards the opposite couple, back to place. Turn in place; Gent dances around lady on left, Lady dances around Gent on right; back to partner and turn in place. All repeat. First side couple is Left of First Top couple.

2nd Figure: Starting with Leading Tops advance to the opposite couple and pass through - Gent Left, Lady Right; Right hands in; (8 bars)
Tops back to place; (2 bars)  Gents cross, turn opposite lady with left, back to partner turning with right. (6 bars)
Double spin around other couple. (8 bars)

3rd Figure: Ladies chain -- Ladies cross - right hand to opposite gent, back to partner with left. Double spin around other couple.

Finish: Advance and retire twice. Circle right, back to place. Advance and retire twice. Circle left, back to place.