2019 3 Hand Slip Jig

Step Type: 
Slip Jig

Start straight across

End cross end toe, switch toe, hop back; Center turns in place

Ends turn right, center comes to front



Ends turn in, takes hands and make arch

Center thru, hands up and over

Hands out - palms up, circle R half way, ends turn out, turn out and face out on sides

Move to back

center face front

Swing 2x

Ends switch place (insides hands up, cross hands, right hands in)

Fast turn, center leads down to straight line

Back weaves to front right

Hands up, back right hand in, right side thru arch with hand

(L) switch hands thru arch, take hands with right

Center thru arch into triangle

Step - center ends front right

Fronts take R to R and switch places, back thru arch

back takes L to L; arms up around back, other around front

Center untwists and back thru under arch, other turn under and face out

All turn under arms and face in (facing back)

Turn line to face front

Ends take hands in back; arms up & over