2pm 3 Hand Reel

Step Type: 

Dance forward with 7's to a diagonal - Lady on right goes up 1st
Figure 8
Lady on left dance forward to diagonal - Lady on right dances back
Arches made behind gent - switch hands - turn in towards gent - crossed hands for circle
Circle to right (7's & 3's). All turn under to face out. Ladies advance to make an arch
Ladies make arch - gent dances thru arch - ladies form a bridge (switch sides)
Swing - moves to the side
Back down under
Back person weaves up to front, next person does the same
Rotate the line with 7's - front 2 people do 7's to the right - back does 7's left - turn in straight to the right
Hop toe hop back, step up jump over
Hop back and twist
Hop back and twist
Hop rock 2, 3
Hop rock 2, 3
Hop toe, hop toe, hop back 2, 3 (Stretch it!)