2023 Adult 3-Hand

Step Type: 

Start with right hands in  


2   3            (2,3 facing forward)

Circle 4 bars right, 4 bars left into straight line:  2,3,1   (facing forward)

Moving arches

Middle: 4 3's forward; ends stay

Ends switch with 7's and end up facing each other

Middle backs up 4 bars; ends 7's to front

Ends right-hand across; all form circle...2 faces out; 1,3 face in

3 thru arch with all turning under...2 faces in; 1,3 face out

1/4 turn counter-clockwise

3 turns under to face 1; make bridge

2 thru bridge (stay left); 3 turns under and moves next to 2; 1 backs up

Fast swing - 4 bars

Back down under..2 moving to left side

Irish movement (2x/4 bars); end with ends facing out

Ends do 7's right into diagonal; center turns in place

Figure 8

Back moves up to middle and makes arch; top thru arch to left side (no hands, no turn under)

Top and middle make arch; Right thru arch back to place

Cast off - ends cross in front and again in back into straight line across; 1 casts off to left ending on right end

All switch with jump 7's - no 3's...2 starts with 3's in place


Toe hop back, toe hop back
Hop back 2, 3; hop back 2,3
(Turning) Front 2, 3; Front 2, 3; Front 2, 3; toe, switch, toe