2022 1pm 8 Hand

Step Type: 

start in 8 hand configuration

tops advance; tops retire while sides advance

sides retire while tops advance; tops retire; side stay in place

7s around - tops go right outside; sides go left inside.. 4x

ladies stay for 2; right hands in

ladies pick up partner and cast to vertical line; right side (facing front) leads down

7s out from center- no 3s back to single line; continue 7s same direction, face in on back 2, 3

front left #2 right hand to right #1; return with left hand to left #1 and back to place - at same time:
back right #3 to back left #4; return with left hand to right #4 and back to place..all face front

backs weave up starting inside and make arch - 4 bars

lines thru arch casting to opposite side; all make line across in back - 4 bars

all face middle of line; chain - middle to start cast to circle

7s right no hands with 3s; 7s right with hands

2 facing front make arch; cast thru to "V" with couples--2 pair in front; 2 singles in middle; one pair in back

hop toe around the side, step (right back), toe (left), hop back
hop back and twist, hop back and twist
turn 2, 3; turn 2, 3
step back, hop back, hop back and twist

back pair picks up next 2; continue to front couples

thread the needle - right side thru...in to circle

Slow chain..right hand to partner...keep hand and move on with left hand..repeat once

facing in go in..facing out go to corners facing out

inside circle right no hands;  outside 7s right to next corner

Repeat with inside meeting outside at each corner...all facing in