2020 2pm 3 Hand Reel

Step Type: 

Start in triangle 2 in back; front faces back

Advance & retire
Repeat taking hands, going thru arch and all turn to face out
7's Right until middle faces front
Backs drop hands with each other, comes to front making arch
Middle thru arch; other turn and go to back while front turns in place

jump 7's around triangle 4x

Front turns goes thru back arch taking outside hand of back left

All right hands in into straight line down (original back right leads down)

7's out (middle goes right)

Front goes to right, takes hand and comes around back lady; hands up and over

Advance for 4, ends turn and 3's to back; middle 7's right into diagonal

Partial figure 8 - after front's left shoulder, come straight down center; others switch places ending in straight line across

Turns - Middle right hand to Right side right hand, Left goes under with both hands
Right moves left; Middle & Left turn under; Right goes under arch
Circle counter-clockwise until Middle on right
Ends slip sides keeping hands; end crossed hands in front

Middle turns under; swiing; Ends turn under and backup - no hands

Front & Right - right hands and switch places; snake - L - right hand to right hand thru arch; R switch hands & thru arch