2018 Adult 3 Hand Reel

Step Type: 

Start in triangle- Gent center front

Back ladies turn to right, Gent turns to the right, Ladies move into a straight line behind the gent. (lady on left going in 2 position)

Back lady weaves up to the left of gent and make arch – thru arch and turns to form a circle

Circle to the right 3/4 around- gent ends in middle, turn ladies under into straight line across

Figure 8

Slip sides - person on left begins slip sides for 4 bars (take inside hands) - turn outside dancers under to face middle person and place right hands in.

Right hands in for 4 bars and move into swing

After second swing meet in back and bring arch over head of gent and then ladies turn out (all remain holding hands...arms are outstretched)

Dance in place for 2 bars - ladies then drop hands and turn to face behind middle person and sevens to the back - gent moves to front with three’s and turns to face the back.

Gent takes left hand of lady on left (facing group) and turns her in place then proceeds around to pickup other lady and turns in place.

Ladies cross in front of gent to corners with sevens, gent then crosses with lady  on left, gent crosses in front with lady and then gent crosses to go back to starting point

Ladies give right hand across and make half turn and make an arch, Gent thru the arch and then ladies switch sides behind the gent.


Lady’s cast to back and make an arch and come over gents head (4 bars) - turn (as in doing Irish movement) to face gent (4 bars)

Lady’s will turn in place for full turn and face gent (4 bars), then turn to be beside gent with arms over ladies shoulders to end dance.

No toe/switch toe!