2017 Adult 4 Hand

Step Type: 

Start in square   1  2
                          4  3

Front 7's to back; Back 3's to front -- Repeat
Backs 3's to middle while switching sides - face partner
Middles turn under; ends turn under
All switch with 7's - no 3's  in middle - until back to place

Ends cast off to back, cross sides and return to front; Middles cast off to back, cross sides and stay in back
Chain - End with charge
Switch partners and go to side
7's around alternating facing out, facing in
Switch with partner to corners
Corners cross (1 + 4 first)
Right hands in - #1 leads down to straight line (1,3,4,2)
7's out - 1 & 4 go right; backs make arch
Fronts thru arch to straight line
#1 weaves thru followed by #2
Ends turn under to Gay Gordon
Forward 1,2 In front 3,4 Opposite sides 5,6,7   8 -- Toe switch toe