2017 Adult 3 Hand

Step Type: 

Start in straight line

4 Sharp turns to the right then sevens out from the line to a diagonal

Figure 8 

Back dancer comes to middle and makes arch - front dancer goes thru arch taking the hand of second dancer- form circle and full circle to the right - middle facing foward

Middle turns partners under and they back up & middle dancer moves forward

Back dancers switch places with sevens and then make an arch and come over middle dancer

Advance for 4 - ladies switch sides and make a bridge

Middle goes thru bridge and turns to form a circle

Circle to the right half way

Inside outside -- middle person goes thru arch and then all turn into face into center of circle

Sevens to the right twice

Right hands in with dancer 1,2 &3 going under hands in - end in swing formation facing the sides

Swing once then shift to facing front & back

Gent right hand turn to lady on left and then left hand turn to the other lady, end in center

Moving arches

Sides move front & back into straight line - cast off to straight line across facing audience: right, left, left

Sides cross in front of middle, turn to face back- take hands and turn in joining hands behind middle

End with toe, switch toe, switch toe, hop back