2016 Adult 3-Hand

Step Type: 

Straight line down

4 sharp turns right, front/back 7’s out; middle (gent) in place

Figure 8

Back 2 arch, front thru to fast circle R – gent ends facing front

Turn ladies under 2 bars; hold 2 bars, gent forward, ladies switch sides

Ladies arch over gent 4 bars; forward 4 bars;

Drop hands; ladies switch 4 bars; make bridge and gent thru to circle

Circle R, arch in front into inside/outside

Turn under 1,2,3; drop out to triangle

7’s R twice

R hands in – 1,2,3 into swing - 4 bars; Turn swing

Gent R hand to left lady, then right – slow

Moving arches

Ladies – front & back; cast off right, left, left

Ladies cross in front, turn to face gent; gent takes hands and turn them under; ladies take hands in back