2015 6-Hand

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Line up:    xx  xx

In place 1,2; Lady under 3,4; 7's to 2 lines
Figure 8s
Gents Right hand in, pick up their lady; continue around into line with partner
Arches under (back 2 end in front)
7's out from center
Cast off into single straight line down (back lady 1st)
7's out from center - 4 bars
Gent into basket - 2 bars; ladies in 2 bars
Circle Right
Back gent drops R to make arch; snake thru to one line across
Alternating turn unders
Move each swing group to sides 1,2,3; ends take hands - over on 4; 7's to top/bottom 5,6,7,8
  (all drop hands on 8)
Box & Diamond
Centers pass right shoulder to top/bottom; come around to middle of the sides (4 bars)
Ends 7's towards middle person & turn in
Circle right
Break off to partner and slip sides