2014 Teacher Dance

Step Type: 

Katie/Erin    Bri & Becca
Abby/Sam   Jenna/Kim

In place – 2 bars; slip sides – 2 bars

lady turns under; 7’s into circle

Right; every other turn out (Gabby out)
Circle same direction; reverse face in/out

In place 4 bars; all circle right

Pickup new partner; inside turns under

Lead around into straight line down with partner

7’s into single line; 7’s to switch sides (no 3’s)

Cast to outside into straight line across
middle only switch 2, 3; switch 2,3 hop back, hop back, hop back 2, 3; everyone repeat

Turn partner under into swing – swing 4 bars

“Forward“ back-down-under into single diagonal line

Rotate line to right with 7’s no 3’s – 4 bars
sharp turns – 4 bars; right side turns right; left side turns left

3’s into 2 circles


Cast off to back into V – Jenna & Kim lead to back

Jenna/Kim slip sides; others stand still - Front 2 both sides slip sides; repeat down the line no 3’s; start switch 2,3 after slip; end with all switch 2, 3, switch 2,3

Every other turns out – 2 bars

Scatter – 4 bars; all turn right – 2 bars

Lean, whip, jump 2, 3
Step toe, heel, step; toe, heel, step; hop back
twists – 1, 2, 3 ,4
jump 2, 3; step over and twist

2 front groups of 3 – right hands in
back 4 – chain 2x; Becca & Bri make arch; others thru to partners ; slip sides once

Arches in front into cast off

End straight line across