2014 Senior Dance

Step Type: 

Start as partners- Erin & Marie
                          Courtney & Bridget
                          Mary & Catherine

All ladies turn under- front 2 couples do 7’s to the side ( * bars)

Front couples back up with partners; face each other and make arches for front couple to pass thru; Back couple advance for 4 bars and then cast off thru arches into swing

Swing- 4 bars and then move sideways

Back down under

Cast off to 2 straight lines

Figure 8

Cross with sevens to other side to V formation

Turn 2,3 turn 2,3 ( turning to the right)
7’s out from center
Hop back, hop back, hop back 2,3
Switch 2,3  Switch 2,3

Thread the Needle

Circle to right

3 put right hands in - turning into center- other dancers do sevens around outside and meet partner

Outside turns into center – 2 turn unders

Lead around with partner to form straight line


Chain - 6 bars – form circle

Basket- circle to right

Break out of basket; split circle in front into straight line ending with
switch 2,3 switch 2,3  hop toe,  switch toe,  switch toe,  whip up