2014 Adult 5 Hand

Step Type: 

5 Across - gent has ladies hands
Ladies on ends cross - gent turns ladies & cast to back
Gent makes arch with lady on his front right & left back
other ladies go thru arch & take hands - turn under - end in straight line
couples on ends do slip sides 2x
move to front & behand gents
gent weaves starting to his left, ends in middle of back & front lady
circle 8 bars
break & ladies turn in to form spirals
spirals - come out into swing
swing 4 bars
come around behind to form circle - turn in
end ladies cast out of circle (other 3 do right hands in) and arch
lady on left goes thru arch (behind gent), other lady goes thru arch (behind gent)
continue hands in - form straight line
cast down into straight line - back lady weaves thru front arch - end in circle
gent dances into center (2), ladies on ends switch sides, all around arches - end for figure 8 in front - 2 in back
figure 8 - weaving thru
gents cast to side - Irish movement
back down under
7's to right & left
weave in circle - end in 4 corners - gent in center
gent does 7's right & left; ladies cross corner to corner
gent weaves to right, forms arach with back ladies
front ladies back under arches - end with toe hop toe