2014 Adult 5 Hand

Step Type: 

5 Across - gent in middle has ladies hands

Ladies on ends turn and cast off to the back - crossing in back and coming up to opposite front corners
Gent and other ladies do snake in center and ladies cast off to back corners

Gent makes arch with lady on his front right and back left - Other ladies go thru arch and take hands turning under and end in straight line

Couple on ends to switch sides x2; gent in middle turns doing 3's; couple on gent's left move in front of gent and other couple moves behind gent


Gent casts off to right and weaves thru side and back to end in middle of back and front lady


Break and form spirals - in 3 person spiral, turn unde to join hands in

Break spirals into swing

Swing (4 bars) - come around behind to form circle - turn in - end ladies cast out of circle; other 3 do right hands in and arch with each lady passing under the arch and move to front corners and then move to straight line

Cast down taking hands in straight line - thread the needle

Gent dances in towards center - side ladies switch sides

All around arches - ending with 3 in front to make a figure 8 and 2 end in back

Figure 8 - back 2 weave thru 


Gent casts to side to do modified Irish Movement (end ladies switch sides)

Back down under

7's right and left

Weave in circle and gent ends in middle; ladies end in 4 corners

Gent does 7's right and left while ladies cross corner to corner

Gent weaves to right; forms arch with back ladies; front ladies back under arch and end in straight line with hands crossed; finish toe-hop-to