2014 Adult 2 Hand Reel

Step Type: 

Semicircle to front to meet partner- lady turns under her own arm.

Down the center-ladies turns with her back to partner- complete circle to face forward as couple-hands crossed in front

Advance with 3's for 2 bars- Slip Sides- Switch positions with partner and turn to face each other on 3's

Sevens to the right and then threes to opposite corner
Repeat sevens to the right- end facing our partner- both turn towards right in place.

Back to back movement- end with disco move

Gent moves behind lady to take hands like Gay Gordons- moves full circle to face forward

Sevens with hands - left hand first

Lady turns under to front of partner to face partner (2)  Dance in place for 2 bars and double spin to face each other and drop hands and back out from each other.

Hop front 2,3 
Hop front 2,3
Hop toe hop back,
Hop toe hop back
Hop back 2,3,4,5,6,7
Hop back ,hop back , hop back, hop back- end back to back with partner

Sevens in diamond - turning on threes end up facing audience

Cast off to front corners- switch places with sevens, cast to back corners-turn to face audience, sevens to straight line lady in front of gent.

Advance for 4 bars, cast to back corner- face partner

Right hand turn with lady, sevens to front (down the center) lady turns under end with hands like slip sides