2013 Adult 3 hand

Step Type: 

Start in triangle - 1,2 in front (Ladies), 3 in back (Gent)

1 turns, 2 turns, 3 turns, all turn to face in
Right hands in - end in straight line #1 in front
7's - Ladies right; Gent left
#1+2 together; 3 turns in place
Snake - 3 goes left
#2 to front corner; 1 & 3 switch places; 3 goes to middle, 1 to back
Figure 8
Backup/Come forward to straight line - turn ladies
Irish Movement
Right hands in (2, 3, 1) into straight line across (1,3,2)

  Hop back and twist
  Hop back and twist
  Hop back 2,3,4,5,6,7
  Hop back Hop back Hop back 2, 3
  Hop toe, Up, Hop toe hop back

Ladies forward to arch facing back
Gent thru arch - inside/outside
Circle right
Ladies to back corners
Gent turns Lady on right, Lady on left into straight line across
Ladies slow switch place
Circle right - no 3's
Ladies forward

  Round and out, Hop back 2,3
  Switch 2,3 Switch 2,3
  Hop back Hop back Hop back 2,3
  Hop toe, switch toe, switch toe, whip down