2012 3 Hand Slip Jig

Step Type: 

Start in Diagonal - Front on left

Move to Straight line; move on to opposite diagonal; center turning right then left

Snake - once under each

Circle Right - arm straight - into right hands in

Middle under arch to back; ending Front on Right, Back on Left

Caitlin's Step:
  Hop Toe Switch Toe Hop Back
   Hop Toe Switch Toe Hop Back
  Jump 2,3,4,5
  Brush Hop 1, Brush Hop 1,2,3

  Hop Toe    (left in back)
  Hop Heel

  Step Toe   (right in back)
  Hop Heel

   Switch Toe    (left in front)
   Hop Back

  Up 2,3
  Hop Back 2,3
  Jump and Twist

Moving arches
  - Front & Middle move left; back joins arch; front passes thru; end in straight line across

Ends take hands & arch over middle; ends switch hands, turn under & face forward
Middle turns & backs up & ends go forward