2009 2pm 6-Hand

Step Type: 

Starts 4 in front, 2 in back
Front - 7's to side; Back - 3's forward - all do Switch 2,3; Switch 2,3
Middle back up, Sides cast off to form straight line across
Slip sides, Switch 2,3; Switch 2,3
Slip sides back, Switch 2,3; Switch 2,3
Figure eights - left 3, right 3
Cast off into 2 straight lines (4 bars); Slam step shuffle hop back, Slam step shuffle hop back

Hop toe, step toe, step shuffle hop back
Flap, toe, toe, toe, step, shuffle hop back
Slam step shuffle hop back
Slam step shuffle hop back
(Toes in/out) 1,2,3,4
Slam step shuffle hop back

Cast off into circle
7's right
Thru arch into inside/outside circle
Turn unders
7's right while turning out (flowers)
Every other turns to face in (Back gent faces in)
Circle swing (all forward 2, back 2 - twice)
Inside forms circle facing out - all 7's right
Pickup partner (Back gent with front left gent)