2009 2pm 6-Hand

Step Type: 

Starts 4 in front, 2 in back
Front - 7's to side; Back - 3's forward - all do Switch 2,3; Switch 2,3
Middle back up, Sides cast off to form straight line across
Slip sides, Switch 2,3; Switch 2,3
Slip sides back, Switch 2,3; Switch 2,3
Figure eights - left 3, right 3
Cast off into 2 straight lines (4 bars); Slam step shuffle hop back, Slam step shuffle hop back

Turning right:   Up 2,3,4,5,6,7
Switch 2,3, Switch 2,3
Hop Toe, Round the side, Hop toe, Hop Back
Hop back, hop back, Jump & twist

Cast off into circle
7's right
Thru arch into inside/outside circle
Turn unders
7's right while turning out (flowers)
Every other turns to face in (Back gent faces in)
Circle swing (all forward 2, back 2 - twice)
Inside forms circle facing out - all 7's right
Pickup partner --  Back R lady + Front R lady;  Back L gent + Front L gent; Front R gent + Front L lady

Cast to straight line - 4 bars, stay on 5, move in front of partner on 6, arms up/down on 7 (front R up), arms up/down on 8

Turn under 1,2; Weave - end back to front spot all facing front

Each line: Back switch with middle with L to R hand; again with front--R to L hand; new Back switch with middle L to R hand...all back out to circle

7's no 3s....Big circle right, 2 small circles R Big circle R, hop back 2,3 hop back 2,3

Basket -- in 1,2 others in 3,4; circle R; breakout to U