2007 Adult 2 Hand

Step Type: 

Half circle Right, Lady turns under - 4 bars
continue forward, Lady turn out; switch to crossed hands (R/R, L/L)

7's down center, Lady turns back to Gent - 4 bars
Gent around L, both dance 7's out

Switch sides with 7's, go to opposite corners - Lady 1st
Switch sides with 7's, turn to face back on 3's
go to opposite corners - Gent 1st

Right hands in, Gent around - hand comes over
Slip sides 2 times
Front 2, 3, Front 2, 3
Hop toe, hop back, Hop toe, hop back
Toe, switch toe, switch toe, hop back

Lady in front to face Gent with crossed hands - drop hands on 4
7's Left
1/4 circle with 3's
3's together to crossed hands
full spin 7 & 8