2005 Adult 4 Hand

Step Type: 

Straight line - alternating couples

7's - couple #1 Right, #2 Left
7's to partner
Couple 32 arches; #1 thru to straight line
7's to Right
7's to Right - around corner
Right hands in; end in orig places
Couple #1 up, #2 arches
Couple #1 casts off, thru arch into straight line
Lady #2 arches to front lady
Gent #2 arches to #1 gent
Fast swing
Move swing to side with 7's
Back down under into Inside outside
7's 1/4 to Gent's Left
Irish movement
Ladies full turn to face center
All back out
7's Right, turning on 3's
7's Right, turning on 3's
Ladies chain with full turn in center
Couple #2 to #1 - figure 8
Circle Right
Bridge - Lady #1 thru, #2 thru
Gents to partners
7's Right with crossed hands
7's to straight line with arches on 3's
Hop toe hop back, Hop toe hop back
Hop back 2, 3 Hop back 2, 3
Click 2,3 Click 2, 3
Hop toe, hop toe, hop toe, whip down