2003 2pm 5 Hand

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Start Straight Line
Cast off, alternating Left/Right; end in square with gent in center

Figure 8 with Right Front lady + weave
Figure 8 with Left Front lady + weave

Front ladies back up & make arch with gent
Back ladies pass thru, go to ends, face back

End ladies 1 1/2 turn under to face front
Middle ladies 1 full turn under
Gent forward & ladies side-by-side

Ladies make arch & gent backs under (4 bars)
Ladies make double bridge (4 bars)

Gent passes thru
Ladies keep arms up & form circle and gent joins in

7's to right - half way around
Gent goes thru circle to form inside-outside circle

All turn under Right arm one at a time
Form 2 lines - 3 facing 2

Box and Diamond (7's end with Hop back, Hop back, Hop back 2, 3)

All advance & retire
All advance & the 2 ladies give their inside hands to other end ladies'
outside hands and turn under (back to back)

Fast Swing

2 end ladies turn under arm and back up
Next 2 ladies turn under and back up

Hop toe, round the side
Hop toe, hop back
Hop back and twist, Hop back and twist
Click, 2, 3, Click, 2, 3
Jump, 2, 3, step, whip hop lean

All turn 1, 2
Back up 3, 4
Arms 5, 6
Hands 7, down on 8