2002 Adult 5 Hand

Step Type: 

Start Straight Line
Cast off, alternating Left/Right; end in square with gent in center

Figure 8 with Left Front lady + weave
Figure 8 with Right Front lady + weave

Box - Gent stands idle in middle

Arches - Front ladies back up & make arch with gent
Back ladies pass thru, go to ends, face back

Turn under arches while gent advances

Gent backs under arches; ladies switch sides and form bridges

Gent passes thru bridges & turns to form circle
Ladies to 7's to form circle

Inside-Outside circle

2 Straight lines


Back down under

All ladies to 7's away from center;
Gent advances to meet ladies & advance to straight line

Step: Round and Out

On last Back,2,3: Gent backs out of straight line
Ladies in center form arch; other ladies pass thru arch & switch hands
Back up to meet gent and end in straight line