2011 2pm 2 Hand Slip Jig

Step Type: 
Slip Jig

Slip sides - stay: up 2,3,4,5;   lady in front: up 2,3,4,5; to other side: over 2,3,4,5; up, jump 2,3

Slip sides back - stay: up 2,3,4,5: lady in front: up 2,3,4,5; lady faces gent: turn 2,3,4,5; up, jump 2,3

Disco moving to front/back corners (gent front left, lady back right)

   Hop back 2,3,4,5; toe switch toe  hop back
   Up jump 2,3 Jump 2,3,4,5
   Toe switch toe  hop back; up jump 2,3
   Jump 2,3,4,5, toe switch toe hop back

   Turn in 2,3,4,5; Lean & whip 2,3
   Jump 2,3,4,5; up jump 2,3
   Jump, jump  hop back; hop rock 2,3,4,5
   Jump 2,3,4,5; toe switch toe hop back

Cross to opposite sides (4 bars)
Dance into Gay Gordon (4 bars)

Turn 2,3,4,5  (Gent switches sides;  hands over to front)
Up jump 2,3  (Lady hand over gent)
Turn 2,3,4,5  (Back to back)
Up jump 2,3
Up 2,3,4,5
Up 2,3,4,5
Toe switch toe hop back
Jump butterfly jump